Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Grand Juries with Guns to Their Heads

You know when Al Sharpton is invited by the president of the United States to offer his ideas on how police should conduct themselves on how to do their jobs in high crime areas,  we are in trouble. For a president so concerned with optics, after frequent, insensitive mishaps, this is disturbing.

Sharpton, the polarizing race baiter and  tax evader has no place in the White House. The outhouse would be more appropriate. He has done nothing to bring harmony to the great racial divide that now exists in our country. In fact, he has helped create it. From planting the seeds of hate in the nascent stage of his then medallion wearing career in the Tawana Brawley case to the present situation in Ferguson, MO. Closer to his New York City home he is fanning the flames in the tense situation awaiting the grand jury decision whether or not to indict a police officer  in the strangle hold death of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who was arrested for selling illegal cigarettes.

Of course, Mr. Brown and Mr. Garner would both be alive today, if they had heeded police requests to cease and desist. Both were caught in the commissions of a crime. Should the police have just let them go as some liberal pundits have posited? Should we allow certain citizens because of the color of their skin get away with crimes to avoid the rage and destruction we witnessed in  the aftermath of the grand jury decision in Ferguson?

While the president is trying to assuage the marauding gangs of rioters but little has been done to help the business owners who lost their livelihood in the looting and rampaging. Most of these businesses were minority-owned. These are the citizens who should be held up as role models for African-American youth to emulate; not the “scumbags,” former basketball star Charles Barkley’s words. Perhaps the most egregious offense in the rioting was the burning down of the African-American church attended by Michael Brown’s father. What possible reason  could there be for this? And if you can believe it the pastor of the church blamed white supremacists for the torching! This demonstrates the level of delusion and anarchy in the African-American community.

In an ironic twist, Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark, NJ, has  requested additional police officers to respond to the  Thanksgiving weekend of violence where there were 11 shootings and 3 fatalities and multiple injuries. Mayor Baraka should be lauded for this action. While the police aren’t  perfect by and large they are our only hope to keep us safe – all of us.

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