Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To The Victors Belong the Vanguished Excuses


Now that the dust has cleared from last Tuesday’s Republican victory at the polls we are sure of only one thing: more dust is on the way. The spin coming out of the Liberal media that the blowout doesn’t necessarily mean the last two years of the Obama administration cannot still be productive is akin to what our youth soccer and little leagues have evolved to. Nobody loses and we are better for the experience of being in the game.

When one political side loses these days, it’s not a repudiation of their philosophy, it’s a communication problem. Their message wasn’t  enunciated properly. In fact, in this past election it was overly enunciated by the deafening silence on the administration’s six-year record .  Almost every Democrat candidate running would rather have been seen with Jack the Ripper than President Obama.

An editorial in the Chinese newspaper, Global Times, put it in stark terms: “He (Obama) has done an insipid job, offering nearly nothing to his supporters. U.S. society has grown tired of his banality.” Ouch.

Mr. Obama used to be fond of saying that elections have consequences. But that only applies to Democrat victories. The arrogance and threats that he will act unilaterally on issues he feels important harkens back to the Nixonian era.  But this virulent strain is more monarchical, even tyrannical.

Perhaps the president’s  most troubling statement  is that he is also thinking about the two-thirds of the electorate that sat out last Tuesday. He seems more beholden to this apathetic  constituency than the folks who exercised their voices so their government could hear them.

When the next stalemate materializes, look for the president to blame his ubiquitous foil, the obstructionist Republicans. This was already evident at the White House luncheon the president hosted for the leaders of both parties, who looked like they’d rather be in a dentist’s chair getting a root canal. Unless consensus can be found in the next two years to get the country moving again we might all opt for the root canal.